NHL Trade Reviews

The trade deadline has come and passed. The playoff contenders have added their missing pieces, while the basement dwellers acquired needed picks to help rebuild. Not all these trades will turn out to be successful, whereas others will be the spark to take their new teams’ throughout the playoffs. Some were overpaid for and others were a steal.

In this article I will summarize each teams moves throughout the season. Bolded moves were made on deadline day and all moves will equate to an overall grade I have assigned.

These last twenty games are bound to shake up the standings and impact first round matchups. Struggling teams will also give their fans a glimpse into the future with numerous call ups from the AHL making their NHL debuts. The Panthers and Lighting are tied for the lead in the Atlantic, but only Florida made moves. Similarly, Chicago and Dallas are tied for first in the Central, and Chicago bulked up, whereas Dallas stayed put.

Anaheim Ducks                  B

Perron, Clendening, Pirri, J. McGinn, Gernat, & 4th Rd pick in 2016

Bringing in Pirri and McGinn gives them an extra needed punch on offense and should secure them a top three spot in the Pacific.

Arizona Coyotes             B-

Plotnikov, Tanguay, Bleackley, Wood, & future considerations

Trading Boedker is a big hit, but the playoffs are a year or two away for this team anyway. Tanguay is a great veteran, with over one thousand games played. He’ll play a vital mentor role for the vast array of young talent on this team.

Boston Bruins               B+

Stempniak & J-M. Liles

These two should solidify a playoff berth for the Bruins. Stempniak had forty-one point with New Jersey and is arguably the biggest pick up on trade deadline day of any team.

Buffalo Sabres                 B-                  

Guptill, O’Dell, Schneider, Sdao, & conditional 3rd in 2016, 3rd in 2017

McGinn is gone and the future is what Buffalo is planning for with Eichel. An extra 3rd round pick is nice, but I’m personally not a fan of any pick that is conditional.

Calgary Flames                 B+

Shinkaruk, Jokipakka, Pollock, N. Backstrom, 2nd, conditional 2nd & 6th in 2016, 4th in 2018

Shinkaruk is an exciting prospect and Backstrom is a decent veteran goalie. With the potential of two extra 2nd round picks this year, I expect Calgary to start to turn the corner in the very near future.

Carolina Hurricanes         B             

Saarela, Zykov, Robertson, Camara, 2nd, 3rd, & conditional 5th in 2016, 2nd & 5th in 2017

Getting an extra 2nd round pick for the next two years is big for this team. Their added prospects have potential as well. It will all depend on how well they utilise their picks on whether or not this is a playoff team before 2020.

Chicago Blackhawks        A+

Ladd, Fleischmann, Weise, Ehrhoff, Fraser, Harrison, & MacIntyre

Currently tied with Dallas in the Central division, this team has boosted its roster vastly. These additions should see them make a deep playoff run and show that in 2016 Chicago is ‘All in’.

Colorado Avalanche              B+

Matthias, Boedker, Gelinas

Getting Boedker at the deadline was big for this team. He had registered thirty-nine points with Arizona and provide scoring depth for this wild card team.

Columbus Blue Jackets           C-

Jones (Jan 6th)

Remaining quiet at the deadline was slightly surprising. Heading towards a top five pick, I anticipated this team looking to acquire more prospects or picks to further build their future. Jones was the defenseman they were looking for and that was addressed early in the season.

Dallas Stars                         C


Unlike Chicago, this Central division team stayed quiet at the deadline. This may come to hurt them in winning the division, but they will still have home ice advantage in round one. This will also likely be followed by a deep run with the roster currently intact.

Detroit Red Wings                   C

6th in 2017

Currently sitting third in the Atlantic I thought they might make a move to more ensure home ice advantage throughout the playoffs. This team is talented though and if a move is not warranted there is no reason to make one.

Edmonton Oilers           B-

Lundstrom, Maroon, two 3rd & 5th in 2016, 5th in 2017

I thought Yakopov may have been on his way out, but alas this was not the case. This team already has many young stars in the making. Two extra 3rd round picks this year is great for down the road, but that road in Edmonton seems to never reach a playoff destination.

Florida Panthers                A

Hudler, Purcell, Kindl, & 6th in 2016

These additions certainly give Florida the edge in the Atlantic division title race over Tampa Bay, in my opinion. Hudler and Purcell have combined for 21/46 this year on struggling teams and will ensure this franchise makes it to the second round of the playoffs, bare minimum.

Los Angeles Kings                B+

Lecavalier, L. Schenn, Versteeg, Scuderi, & Sutter

They lead the Pacific division and have added numerous veteran talent with playoff experience. After missing the playoffs last season, they are primed to make a run this year and might be a Cinderella story if you’re looking for an upset in the second round or conference finals.

Minnesota Wild                   C-

Sabourin, Allen, & Jones

A wild card spot is within reach, but the lack of movement on deadline day has me thinking the 2016 playoffs with not have the ‘hockey state’ represented. Pominville and Nino had underperformed this year, and as great as Dubnyk is between the pipes, this team just needs to score more and win in overtime.

Montreal Canadiens         C

Matteau, Danault, & 2nd in 2018

Certainly looks like the Habs have thrown in the towel on the 2016 season. A record start had high hopes for this team, but it has been proven that without Price this team is far from a contender.

Nashville Predators           B-

Potter, & Johansen (Jan 6th)

They will likely manage to hold on to their wild card spot despite the lack of moves. They added Johansen early in the year to get their much needed first line Center.

New Jersey Devils             B

Smith-Pelly, 2nd & 4th in 2016, 3rd in 2017

I had thoughts of this team making the playoffs this year, but shipping out Stempniak has made me think otherwise. Don’t get me wrong, this team is talented and Schneider is the goalie to lead them. Smith-Pelly is a 23-year-old right winder and with an extra 2nd round pick this year I do think this team will make the playoffs in 2017.

New York Rangers            B

Staal, Brown

From one brother to another Eric adds an extra spark to the offense with his thirty-three points this season. Washington has the Metropolitan division locked down, but this move gives them a great shot at finishing second.

New York Islanders        C

Prince, & 7th

Their counterparts added Staal, whereas they stayed quiet. They are likely still to make the playoffs and we may see a subway series on the ice this post season in round one too.

Ottawa Senators             B

Phaneuf, Frattin, Bailey, Rupert, Donaghey, Akeson, Varone, Leduc, Keranen, & 3rd in 2016

Canada’s hopes of playoff representation lye with this team. They have added great pieces for now and the future. Reaching a wild card spot isn’t outlandish, but it may be time to accept that 2016 win once again see Lord Stanley awarded to an American team.

Philadelphia Flyers             B+

Weal, & 3rd in 2016 (Jan 6th)

Another team within reach of a wild card spot stayed quiet at deadline day. It was well known that they were not going to trade future talent to squeak into the playoffs now. Personally, I am fine with that approach as the second wild card team win draw Washington in the first round. Upsets can and do happen, but the Capitals are so good this year it be hard to not see them at least reaching the conference finals. Flyers fans do have Gostisbehere, who in two thirds of a season has emerged as a Calder contender and the 2017 season should be much, much, better.

Pittsburgh Penguins           C+

Hagelin, Schultz, Plachta, & conditional 7th in 2016

Schultz certainly helps on defence but I’m not sure that is enough to secure a playoff spot this year. Ottawa, Philadelphia, and New Jersey are hot on their heels and one of them might just steal the Penguins wild card spot.

San Jose Sharks                B

Polak, Spaling, Reimer, & Morin

Spaling had one goal all season in Toronto and in just four games with San Jose already has two. Polak is also a great defenseman who played well in Toronto with twelve assists and a +8 rating. They got a steal of a deal in Reimer as well, in my opinion. His 2.49GAA and .918 save percentage will certainly aid this team in maintaining its third place spot in the Pacific. Possibly even overtaking Anaheim for the second place spot.

St. Louis Blues                 C-


The Central division is the most competitive in the whole league. The Stars and Blackhawks will fight for that title as the season winds down. This may be why St. Louis stayed quiet at the deadline and will hope to make a run with the roster they have.

Tampa Bay Lightning          C                      

No Moves!

Florida added great talent, whereas Tampa Bay stayed quiet at the deadline. Not just the deadline either. They are the only franchise to make no trades all season. They’ll still make the playoffs but the division title edge goes to Florida now, in my opinion.

Toronto Maple Leafs          B+

Cowen, Greening, Michalek, T. Lindberg Smith, Torres, Stalock, B. Smith, Carrick, Laich, 2nd & 4th in 2016, two 2nd in 2017, 2nd and conditional 4th in 2018

They’ve added great young talent and acquired an additional four 2nd round picks over the next three seasons. The rebuild may soon be over Leaf Nation, but let’s not put the cart before the horse.

Vancouver Canucks                  D

Granlund, & Larsen

At least Canuck fans still have the Sedin twins to keep them tuning in. A rebuild is looming and this once playoff contender has whimpered through 2016 with a 24-25-12 record.

Washington Capitals             A

Weber, Bourque, Winnik & 5th in 2016

When you lead the league in a dominating manner there really is no need to make waves on deadline day. Winnik is a good addition from Toronto and will add scoring depth on the third or fourth line.

Winnipeg Jets                  A

Dano, 1st in 2016, & conditional 3rd in 2018

The only team to acquire a first round pick for their star player, this team is headed in a great direction. Dano is a star in the making. The 21-year-old right winder has played in forty-eight career games and already has twenty-three points and a +12 rating.

The regular season is down to its final twenty games and the playoff picture will soon begin to take shape. Trade deadline day may not have seen many blockbuster deals but the contenders added depth, the pretenders look to have accepted their fate, and the rebuilders have gotten the necessary prospects and picks to do just that.

Do you agree or disagree with my grade? Comment below and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @GHam614 along with @SuperTwo_Sports