The Journey Of Choosing A Baseball Team

Following a team is like choosing your life partner, once you choose one it’s basically expected from you that you stick with them through thick and thin. For me personally, sport has always been much more than just a 90th minute screamer from Lionel Messi or the buzzer beating 3 pointer from Chris Bosh or that last-ditch Hail Mary from Aaron Rodgers. Sport has always been an integral part of my life, whether it be inheriting the love of cricket from my father or being handed a tennis racquet as a child. It’s weird to think how late I was introduced to football (soccer) and basketball. It baffles me to think that I held off on following the NFL for so long. What confuses me the most is how long it took me to finally take an interest in following major league baseball having played it during my youth. I guess its true what they say, better late than never.

Now that I am here, I’m going to be going through the all familiar and arduous routine of choosing a baseball team to support. As quirky as it sounds, I’m one of those people who actually invests time in researching the history of a particular team and tries to figure out whether it aligns with my personal values and criteria. Now with baseball, it seems like its going to be a bit more complicated than that. Starting at the lovely time of 3:05am Australian time, the 2016 MLB season will start, the first of many games to be played between 30 teams. Whilst its going to be hard enough to follow, I will attempt to watch as many matches as physically possible in between work and study commitments. I’ve survived my first NFL season, I think I’ll be able to survive this too. I’ll attempt to chronicle my thoughts on a weekly or fortnightly basis and hopefully, by around halfway through the season, I will be able to finally choose a team to support for life. I hope you find my journey interesting and I will try to give as honest a reaction as possible.

This segment will be known furthermore as The Journey. Please continue to check back to follow Apoorv on his journey of choosing a Major League Baseball team!