A Fan’s Journey: Reaction To First Regular Season Game Ever

So it begins, the season has finally started. Although I didn’t have the stamina to wake up at

3:05am or 6:05am to watch the Cardinals and Pirates play off or even the Blue Jays and Rays.

Blue Jays and Rays, try saying that five times really fast. I’m currently watching the Mets and

Royals face off on this opening day of the 2016 MLB season. Its 10:45am and I’m raring begin this

journey. So what follows will essentially a proper live reaction as I attempt to pass baseball off as

work. I’m keen to see what will happen, hopefully I don’t sound too silly.

So far I’ve tuned into the game at the start of the bottom first innings with the Royals at bat.

Although the Mets are pitching decently, Cespedes has just dropped what they call a sitter in

cricket. He had ample time to position himself and complete the catch, alas it was not to be. It

seems that the dropped catch has added some pressure on the pitcher, a high fastball ricocheting

off the batsman has led to one of the runners stealing a base. I’m still learning all the players

names so forgive me if I’m a tad vague, I’ll get better as the season progresses. Right now we

have first and third bases loaded and it seems like the Mets are picking up on their pitching. Wow

what a shot, basically pierces the field. It was well placed and didn't need to be hit particularly hard

for the Royals to get their first run. The Mets need to improve on their infielding, maybe that

sentiment has a slight cricketing influence, having just finished watching the T20 Cricket World Cup

where I witnessed some spectacular fielding.

Now we’re at the top second innings and Volqeuz is pitching beautifully, first out for New York. I’m

starting to like this Kansas Team, they seem to be getting the basics right. Stream just cut out so I

just managed to miss ten minutes. Mets seem to be making up for their fielding mishaps with high

pressure batting, the Kansas City infield with a rare error in stopping a shot hit along the ground.

Moustakas just made a solid throw to first base and got the third out for the Royals. What a play

that was, complete reversal. It seemed like the Mets were making a comeback, just as they had

third base on the verge of completing a run, first base was struck out.

Now the Royals seem to be pitching quite well however the Mets seem to have that fighting spirit I

love, they are batting now with the first two bases loaded. Volquez seems to be pitching like a

champ, a solid performance so far. The Mets really need to pick it up and just get a run at this

stage of the top third innings. They have two outs so it seems like all the current batsman needs to

overcome the pressure. Alas, struck out, two men left stranded as we are now heading into the

bottom third innings.

Well the bottom third was quite short. The Mets pitching amazingly well and got three outs in no

time. Work called and had to step out for a meeting. I’m back now. Wow, it’s already into the bottom

sixth innings! Kansas have four runs home now, they are definitely showing why they deservedly

won the World Series last year. Asserting near complete dominance over the Mets, it is now right

back into the top seventh innings. Kansas have changed pitchers and are now going with Herrera.

He seems to be quite good so far, on the verge of a strike out. Although it didn’t end up being a

strike out, he was still able to get an out through a fairly routine catch in the left outfield. Herrera

follows up with a solid pitch which was hit deep into the outfield with an attempted catch but that

wasn’t to be. The batter ended up running to second base in a show of intent from the Mets. It’s still

mathematically possible for them to make a comeback this innings as we see a wide pitch from

Herrera. He needs to act fast if he is to further assert the Royal’s dominance on the game. I’m

starting to like both teams as they have different qualities that I like to have within a club or team I

follow. Herrera pitches it smart as the batter flails and hits one close to first base and is able to get

a routine out on that one. It seems that the pitching is beginning to get erratic but I don't think it

should matter too much seeing as the Royals have just gotten their third out which means we now

switch to the bottom seventh and get to see if the Royals further assert their dominance.

As I was saying earlier, both of the teams have qualities I quite like a club to have so it will be

interesting to follow their courses throughout the season. The Royals seem to have a certain calm

whilst playing, they play smart baseball often lulling the Mets into a false sense of security before

striking and getting the important outs. Whilst doing this they seem to get the runs where it matters,

methodically and precisely. They are simply quite entertaining to watch. Their roster seems fairly

young so if they put their minds to it, they can really establish a dynasty with this group.

Royals have changed pitchers now, some guy named Soria as we come into the top eighth inning.

The Mets are able to safely run to first base with a smart shot through the middle of the field, the

second base fielder unable to stop the ball. Granderson safely runs to first base as Soria is unable

to pitch it in the right areas. The Mets now have two loaded bases as the next batter steps up to

the plate. There is a real opportunity for them to get their first home run. Soria isn’t having a

particularly good night so far but has managed to get his first couple of strikes after making a

couple of very fine pitches. Cespedes, the villain in the first innings has stepped up and is looking

shaky. The Royals have got their first out and he is on two strikes already,,,and he hits a foul. In

that moment of pressure, the Royals mis-pitch again and now the Mets have three loaded bases.

Soria seems under pressure as #44 for the Royals seems to be warming up to take over in the

next innings. The Mets finally come back in the game, a beautifully placed shot allows the Mets to

get two runs and gives them batters sitting on first and third. With only one out, it seems like we

can see a real fightback from the Mets. On a side note, it’s becoming very hard to pick a team from

the two, this truly is an entertaining match. With that foul, we have the current batter on two strikes.

It was a cheeky hit from the batsman as the Mets pick up another run and have a batter safe on

first base with the Royals attempting a double out. The game has suddenly shifted with the Mets

starting an amazing fightback late in the eighth innings. The Mets now have first and second

loaded with two outs so they are relying on the next batter to really make it count, if they hit the

right shot it can potentially be something of a disaster innings for the Royals. So now the Royals

get the third out as we move to the bottom eighth innings.

The Mets seem to be playing with a new vigour, the pitching so far in this innings has been great,

one out so far and looking for the second out. For a moment it seemed like the ball had gone high

but surely enough the batsman had been caught out for the Mets’ second out of the innings.

Kansas seem to be under pressure here.

Had to duck out for a quick meeting so I now return to the top ninth as New York begin their final

attempt to catch up, its 3-4 Kansas City’s way and it seems very tight so far. They now have one

out as the Mets attempt to steal a base. Cheeky shot from the Mets as they now have first and

third base loaded. The Royals now have two outs and this is literally do or die for the Mets. Its all

down to Davis vs Cespedes. I have never felt this much tension….and that is that, Kansas City

snatch the game from a late surging Mets team. I personally feel the Mets can gain some

confidence from this display. After being particularly tepid throughout the game, a dramatic eight

innings allowed them to gain a foothold in the game. Unfortunately for them, they were unable to

seal the deal as a combination of discipline and some inspired pitching from Kansas sealed the


So that was a live chronicle of my first ever baseball game in the regular season, boy it made work

bearable! I was quite impressed by both teams as they both had qualities I quite liked. I loved how

the Mets never gave up and threw the game away even though Kansas had sustained pressure on

them throughout the game. The Royals also impressed me a lot as they sustained their dominance

and stayed calm under pressure due to the Mets’ surge deep in the eight innings. A thoroughly

enjoyable game and I hope whoever watched it with me enjoyed it just as much!


Continue to check back periodically to follow Apoorv on his journey to choosing a Major League Baseball team!