This Day In Wrestling History

On this day in 1987, Randy “Macho Man” Savage has an Altercation with a Fan…

“The Miami Herald reported a altercation between Intercontinental Champion, Randy
Savage and a 9 year old boy during a Thursday Night World Wrestling Federation show
at the James L. Knight Convention Center on February 19, 1987. According to the
Saturday, February 21, 1987 article, Jason Huffstutlear of North Miami either went up to
slap Savage for a high five or attempted to touch Elizabeth’s, hair. Elizabeth was Savage’
s second, and usually accompanied him to the ring. Depending on the various
witnesses, Savage either punched the youth or threw a stabbing punch or jab. Jason
Huffstutlear was taken to a local hospital for a blood test and suffered a quarter-sized red
mark. He would be okay. Afterwards, both the Dade State Attorney’s Office and the
WWF investigated the situation.”-
WWF investigated the situation.