Is This The Greatest Team Name In Baseball?

Get your emojis ready!

There are good team names and then there are great ones. This is definitely the latter.

The Savannah Bananas. It is simple, yet, incredible and has already started a social media firestorm. The team, based in Savannah, Georgia, is joining the Coastal Plain League, a collegiate summer league for highly talented players from all over the country.  The Savannah Bananas are run by President Jared Orton, a former teammate of mine, and the good people at Fans First Entertainment. They will begin their inaugural season in the summer of 2016 at the historic Grayson Stadium, former home of the Savannah Sand Gnats.

Are you ready to Go Bananas? You can follow the Savannah Bananas on Twitter. Love the logo? You can also find Bananas merchandise at