Golden State Wins As Steve Kerr Returns

In Steve Kerr’s first game back on the bench this season, the Warriors had no problem with the Pacers. Stephen Curry had a triple-double and Draymond Green added a double-double to beat the Pacers 122-110.

As the Warriors prepare to take on the Spurs for the first time this season, this was a game they might have overlooked. However, they had no problems.

Stephen Curry had 39 points on 11-19 from the field, along with 10 rebounds and 12 assists a day after being named an All Star starter. Draymond Green was snubbed out of being an All Star starter, but responded in a big way, adding 22 points and 11 rebounds on 10-15 from the field. Klay Thompson had 18 points, and Iguodala and Livingston combined for 23 points off the bench.


Paul George was named an All Star starter for the East, but struggled on Friday night going 5-15 from the field with 12 points and 5 fouls. Monta Ellis had 18 point in his return to Golden State. Joseph Young, the Pacers rookie from Oregon, added 16 points on 8 assists as Stuckey and George Hill missed this game. Myles turner, the Pacers’ 1st-round draft pick, had 31 points and 8 rebounds on 12-17 from the field to lead all Pacers.


Stephen Curry hit a shot from midcourt at the buzzer to send the game into halftime. The Warriors won their 38th straight game at Oracle Arena, and having Kerr back on the bench was reassuring for everybody in the building.

“I’ve been waiting for this for a long time… I really missed the routine,” Kerr said. “It feels like the first game of the season, which it is for me. Fortunately our team’s in a pretty good groove and hopefully we can keep going.”

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich also weighed in on Kerr’s return to the bench: “He’s a good friend, and it signals the fact that he’s feeling much better health-wise.”  

The Warriors improve to 40-4 and take on the San Antonio Spurs on Monday night at Oracle Arena. The Pacers will head to Sacramento tomorrow to take on the Kings.