Breaking Down The Wayne Simmonds, Dylan McIlrath Fight

It was the moment that the hockey world had been waiting for. How would the Rangers get their revenge against Wayne Simmonds? The answer came quickly Sunday when, in the first minute of the game, the Rangers sent out Dylan McIlrath to face off against Wayne Simmonds in a retaliation fight for a February 6th incident involving Simmonds and the Rangers’ captain, Ryan McDonagh. Simmonds took offense to a high cross check from McDonagh and promptly threw an errant punch dropping the Ranger. Simmonds would be ejected for the incident while McDonagh would leave the game with a concussion. The Rangers and head coach, Alain Vigneault, were less than pleased with the situation. All of that led to last night’s square off between Wayne Simmonds and Dylan McIlrath.

We break down the fight below:





McIlrath has 3 inches and nearly 40 pounds on the Flyers’ Simmonds, giving him the clear advantage in the size department. However, Simmonds is a known tough guy and you know what they say: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”.


Wayne Simmonds: 46 Career fights

Dylan McIlrath: 5 Career fights

The experience category goes to Simmonds without much questions.

The Fight:

The fight started off with the two opponents sizing each other up. McIlrath threw a quick left which Simmonds avoided(:25 seconds). Simmonds quickly countered with a hay maker right that landed cleanly(:25). Simmond would then land two more right hands to McIlrath’s head/helmet region before the two tangled up with jersey grabs(:26/:27). Both players held strong, neither relinquishing grasp of the opponent’s jersey for quite some time. McIlrath got his right hand free and threw at Simmonds(:40), once again missing, which was countered with another Simmonds right that landed(:41). The two exchanged once again as McIlrath hit Simmonds with a body shot before missing with the right hand(:44). Simmonds then hit McIlrath with another clean right hand shot(:45)  before the two began to tangle again throwing wild punches at each other, making significant contact. McIlrath would grab and twist Simmonds helmet in the scuffle which resulted in the cut above Wayne Simmonds’ left eye(:57). McIlrath finally landed two shots to the back Simmonds’ helmet(1:02) before the two grappled once again and were promptly broken up by the referees.

The Numbers:

Length of Fight: 1 Minute 7 Seconds

Punches Landed: Simmonds(6) McIlrath(4)

Significant Punches: Simmonds(3) McIlrath(1)


Wayne Simmonds received a cut above his left eye as a result of the helmet twist by Dylan McIlrath. McIlrath would go in the penalty box with a ripped jersey from the tussle.

Final Decision:

This was a great fight with excellent energy. McIlrath used his size, strength and reach to keep Simmonds at a distance, however, Simmonds was able to land more punches, more significant punches and was able to avoid McIlrath for a majority of the fight. This may be the last time that the Rangers and Flyers meet this season but it will definitely not be the end of this rivalry.

Winner: Wayne Simmonds by decision

You can vote for a winner at http://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/132672